Catch Me If You Can - National Tour

A new musical based on the popular film from the team behind Hairspray!

My Space: Catch Me If You Can Con Man Stephen Anthony Fills His Dressing Room with Holiday Decor and Sweet Treats

In Catch Me If You Can, Stephen Anthony plays the charming con man Frank Abagnale Jr., who traverses the globe in search of adventure. While in the national tour of the musical, Anthony’s life has become as nomadic as his character’s. Below, the actor gives Broadway.com a peek inside his dressing room and reveals where he goes for last-minute inspiration.

“I've always been an avid reader. Of course, Frank Abagnale Jr.’s autobiography, Catch Me If You Can, is always with me for some inspiration.”

“My family comes everywhere with me.”

“I couldn't be more obsessed with the holidays. That's one of the hard things about being on the road. I try to be a little festive, to feel more at home.”

Catch Me is a super high-energy show and takes a lot out of me. An intermission treat keeps me going.”

“The cast teases me constantly about my gallon water bottle. I try to drink a gallon for each performance. And, of course, hot tea. Always.”

See Stephen Anthony in Catch Me If You Can at Sarofim Hall at the Hobby Center from February 5 through February 10.

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