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Houston's Broadway at the Hobby Center Chats with Escape to Margaritaville Star Alison Luff

Houston's Broadway at the Hobby Center Chats with Escape to Margaritaville Star Alison Luff
Alison Luff & Paul Alexander Nolan in 'Escape to Margaritaville'
(Photo: Matthew Murphy)
'The lifestyle is truly infectious, and I am better for having caught the bug.'

Broadway at the Hobby Center is taking you on a musical comedy getaway for your first show of the season with Escape to Margaritaville. This new pre-Broadway engagement features both original songs and your most-loved Jimmy Buffett classics. Plus, you can look forward to some of those songs being sung by hometown girl Alison Luff who plays leading lady, Rachel.

We are thrilled to have you return to your hometown in Escape to Margaritaville. What are you looking forward to the most about performing in Houston and when and where was the last time you performed in town?
I couldn't be more excited to be playing my hometown in a theater I worked at as a teenager; it's surreal! The last time I was in town with a show was Mamma Mia! and that was about six years ago.

What is one thing you can’t wait to do when you get to Houston?
I am most excited to spend time with my family and friends, eat Mexican food!

How did you become part of this show?
My audition for Escape to Margaritaville happened rather quickly. I was called in to audition for the casting director and select creative team members on a Tuesday morning, and asked to come back that afternoon to do the material for Jimmy, the rest of the creative team, and the producers. I was asked to prepare a Jimmy Buffett song. I chose, last minute, to sing a song I had just heard for the first time the night before the audition! When I heard "Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On," I instantly fell in love with it and searched the Internet for sheet music. I, of course, had zero luck finding it, especially so last minute; but with the encouragement and convincing of my husband, I brought in my guitar and accompanied myself on the song.

This show features Jimmy Buffett music that people know and love, but it isn’t at all a tribute concert, it is a full blown musical comedy with an original book and new songs! What is one thing that you would want subscribers to know about Escape to Margaritaville before it arrives in Houston?
Escape to Margaritaville is a hilarious romantic comedy written and created by the best team. I am obviously not biased at all. Ha. With the book written by Greg Garcia and Mike O'Malley, and direction by Chris Ashley, it has been—and continues to be—the most thrilling and enjoyable experience to work on and I know that will resonate.

What has it been like working on a brand new show? Can you tell us a little bit about the process going from getting your first script, to rehearsals, to out of town tryouts and soon heading to Broadway?
It is an actor's dream getting to create/originate a role from the ground up, and my experience with this show has been nothing short of pure "beautifulness." (It's a JB reference.) The creative team and the cast/crew they have compiled couldn't be more well-suited for the task. There is a lot of work that goes into building a new show. Garcia, O'Malley and Chris Ashley, alongside Kelly Devine and Chris Jahnke, have done a remarkable job utilizing the actors and showcasing their individual skill sets. The entire process has been one giant collaboration. The respect everyone has for one another is not only moving and lovely but, in result, extremely productive and efficient!

Were you familiar with Jimmy Buffett’s music, the fan base, and the celebration of island culture before working on this project; and do you see it any differently now?
I was definitely familiar with Jimmy Buffett and his way of life prior to my involvement with the show. I grew up listening to his music on road trips. In fact, one of my earliest memories as a child—I must have been no older than 4—is dancing to a Jimmy Buffett cover band while visiting my family in the Florida Keys. The lifestyle is truly infectious, and I am better for having caught the bug.

If you were going to escape to your own personal Margaritaville for a day, what would that look like?
My day off "escape" is usually exploring whatever city I am in and making music with my husband. My ultimate, favorite escape is driving up the Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur with my husband, Matthew, from our home in L.A.

Escape to Margaritaville sets sail for Houston October 31 through November 5 at the Hobby Center. Go behind the scenes and learn more about this pre-Broadway engagement by clicking here.

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