The Phantom of the Opera - National Tour

A spectacular new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic.

Houston's Broadway at the Hobby Center Chats with The Phantom of the Opera Star Eva Tavares

Houston's Broadway at the Hobby Center Chats with The Phantom of the Opera Star Eva Tavares
Eva Tavares as Christine DaaƩ in 'The Phantom of the Opera' tour
(Photo: Matthew Murphy)

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I saw the show when I was 10 years old. I walked out and said to my mom, 'OK, I think I want to do that.'

A fan-favorite is returning to the Hobby Center this November with Cameron Mackintosh’s spectacular new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera. Starring in the iconic role of Christine Daaé is Eva Tavares. Here, she lets us in on what it's like being Christine and much more!

Have you ever performed in Houston before? If so, with what tour or production?
No, I haven't! I'm excited to explore the city! We have quite a few cast members from Houston and I have heard great things.

The role of Christine Daaé is certainly an iconic one. How do you feel you've put your own mark or spin on Christine?
My biggest goal with the role of Christine was to make sure she's not portrayed as a victim. She's a kind and empathetic person, and when we first meet her, she feels as if she needs someone to support her when she confronts danger. But over the course of the show, we see her grow into a woman with a deep strength and resilience. She's forced into some dangerous situations but she makes her own choices and isn't afraid to voice her feelings. She's a fighter to the end.

Were you a fan of Phantom before you began working in the show?
Yes! I saw the show when I was 10 years old while it was on tour in my hometown, Vancouver. I walked out of the building and said to my mom, "OK, I think I want to do that." It's hard not to be a fan of these characters and this music.

This role is a bit of “art imitating life” for you as you are a trained opera singer! Is that what attracted you to this character?
Christine's journey is mirrored in my own life in many ways. I actually started as a dancer when I was two-and-a-half and thought that I was going to be a professional dancer until a teacher in high school encouraged me to start singing lessons. I caught the bug and now I have my Bachelor's Degree in Opera. It's pretty uncanny!

What do you think you and Christine have in common, and conversely, how are you different?
Christine is the one person who shows kindness to the Phantom. In my life, if I see a wounded animal or a person who is hurting, I'm the first one to jump to action. If I can help, I will, and Christine is the same. Similar to Christine, I think I've worked very hard for my independence. When I was a kid, I had it drilled into me that I needed others' support to just get through life. I've had to learn that I actually have that strength within me. You see Christine go through that same process through the show. Overall, I think her and I have more similarities than differences. Go figure!

What's your favorite song or scene in the show and why?
Hands down, "Final Lair." We have few moments in the show when Raoul, Christine and Phantom are able to sing together. It's such a joy to make music with those two. It also has the meatiest acting moments in there. Christine has to make some really tough choices and things get very heated.

Phantom is a fan and subscriber favorite! For many of our subscribers, this is not their first time seeing the show. What's something you would like them to know or look for in this particular production?
I like to say that this production is an amped-up version of the show you grew up with. The story is the same, the characters are the same, the music is the same, and the costumes are the same. But when the show was created 30 years ago, we had certain tools at our disposal. Now, we have so much more to play with as far as sound, set design and special effects. It really just elevates the show you know and love. I also feel that the way we have been encouraged to portray these characters makes them more grounded and grittier. These are real people going through real trials and tribulations. It's heart wrenching to watch them navigate through these obstacles.

The Phantom of the Opera will play the Hobby Center beginning November 7 through November 18.

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